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Brian Holmes: Music

Peachy Keen

(Brian Holmes and Harris Senturia)
"Peachy Keen"

I feel fine.
I've got you off of my mind.
I'm living my life one day at a time.
I feel great.
I like to stay out late.
Everything's new and I've got a clean slate.
When I get home, though I'm all alone,
I know that everything's just peachy keen.

I feel good.
I did all that I could.
Everything turned out fine and I knew it would.
I'm alright.
I have good dreams at night.
My soul is soaring higher than a kite.

I'm better than I've ever been.
Happiest fella that you've ever seen.
Ain't no game that I can't win.
Everything's going peachy keen.
I feel swell.
Broke outa that living hell.
Everything rings clear as a bell.

Sun in the sky.
Ice cream and apple pie.
I know that everything's just peachy keen.