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Brian Holmes: Music

On The Surface

(Clark Sitton)
"On the Surface"

On the surface, everything is quiet.
On the surface, everything is fine.
Not a ripple to disturb these quiet waters.
A pebble's tossed and its memory's lost,
As it breaks against the shore.

But I am crying just beneath the surface.
Adding to the waters that I hide behind.
And when I die, it may be beneath the surface.
"He never dared come up for air," they'll say, and act surprised.

On the surface everything is quiet.
On the surface everything is fine.
Such a perfect night for summer skinny dipping.
So dive right in and brace your skin against the changing tide.

Oh dear God, how I miss your surface.
Against your surface, life never felt so deep.
So at the water's edge the raindrop finds its purpose,
To fall so far to finally reach the surface of the sea.

Just as we are all naked underneath our clothes,
And just as we are all faceless underneath our skin,
Beneath each surface lies a surface to expose.
Who's to say which lies the closest to the heart that beats within?