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Brian Holmes: Music


(Brian Holmes and Clark Sitton)

I must escape the gravity of my life, and this place.
We've chewed up the apples, now rotten cores litter the earth.
One press of the button, and I'll be propelled away.
Escape velocity, light the fire today.

Ripped from the poisoned womb of the earth.
A phoenix delivered, through fire my rebirth.
Unlock the hardened steel shackles of time.
Born unto nothingness, true freedom is mine.
As I witness constellations transform,
Into creatures and heros of worlds yet unknown,
I stare at my history fading away,
A fallen colossus, now in decay.
Cruising through space, this is my final frontier.
Searching for paradise, I have no more fear.
Lost is my innocence, lost is my mind.
My soul can't be happy if my body's confined.

Approaching my destiny, a new world unfolds.
Sirens and lightwaves call my eyes to behold
Green planet immaculate not torn asunder,
To greet this conquistador, armed only with wonder.

Wind whispers freshly in the grasses 'fore my eyes.
Distant hidden waterfalls echo their cries.
A lark and a nightingale sing of dark and light,
And love that they made beneath violet skies.
Sunlight drips gently through the high reaching trees,
And speaks with a gentle soul cleansing breeze.
On nectar, ambrosia, and honey I shall feed.
So filled with delight, I am Tantalus freed.
Doused in this blooming young world 'round my view,
I turn to express my excitement to you,
But you are not there, you're lightyears away,
And gone is this vision I saw on this day.
Where is there Eden, when there is just one.
How can I start what was never begun.
Lonely and cold, I know I was wrong.
Home though imperfect is where I belong.

Imprisoned in paradise, I must return.
Once more through infinity, truth finally learned.
Nirvana fades into the astral light.
Only my memory preserves its delight.

Flawed and yet perfect, home comes into view.
The sight is the same, yet my vision renewed.
Atmosphere tearing away at my skin.
Ulysses delivered to earth once again.

My fire and my water and my earth and my sky.
Six billion people, and a cynic am I.
The mountains and the shadows and the low and the high.
Six billion people, and a cynic was I.
A cynic was I. A cynic was I.